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Tournament Rules



City Cup 2023 Tournament Rules!





  • Teams will receive 3 points for a win.
  • Teams will receive 1 point for a tie.
  • Teams will receive 0 points for a loss.
  • Tiebreaker: if teams finish the group stage tied on points, the tiebreaker will be decided on goal difference, then head-to-head, then goals for, then goals against to decide which team makes the final.
  • Games will be of a maximum of an 8-0 differential.  Referees may ask a Head Coach to take a player off or ask a Coach if they want to add a player (if score is completely one side).


  • There will be two 25-minute halves per each game.
  • On goal kicks players will need to retreat to their own half.
  • There will be NO heading of the ball.
  • Goalkeepers cannot punt the ball.
  • No sliding, including slide tackling and sliding to score/keep the ball in-bounds.
  • Everything out-of-bounds will be a throw-in (besides goal kicks and corner kicks)!
  • Substitutions will happen on the fly throughout the game.
  • Any foul, stoppage of play due to a violation, and/or ball hitting the roof netting will be an indirect kick. Unless a violation occurs in the box, which in that case results in a penalty kick. EX: Handball, foul, or slide.
  • Please stop the game if a player is injured or a player gets hit in the head with the ball.