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PEAK Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

PEAK are Physical Therapy & Sports Performance specialists with locations in Norwell, Scituate, Quincy and Hanover making them accessible to all of our families whichever town you are from!

PEAK has an excellent reputation on the South Shore and has worked diligently with some of our players in the past to get them back on the soccer field. This partnership brings some exciting benefits and opportunities for all of you:

1. Free injury screening for all Mass City players. Call any PEAK office and reference that you’re looking for a free screening.

2. Priority appointment booking for all Mass City families with PEAK. Don’t wait weeks missing out on soccer to get your injury checked and managed, call to get seen ASAP.

3. Clinics that are FREE to Mass City players to attend based around optimal sports performance and injury prevention.

4. Priority appointment booking through Peak’s connections and network for orthopedic care.

5. Access to the PEAK Return-to-play rehab program for any athletes who get injured. This program assures the athlete, parent, and coach that the player is truly ready to return safely.

6. A standardized club-wide dynamic warmup plan to prepare players physically in the best way possible for a soccer game.

7. A resource for the curriculum of our clubs Friday night 'Ascension' program.



  • Contact: Jenna


645 Washington Street, Starland Sports Complex, Hanover, MA.


  • Contact: Sue


99 Longwater Circle, Suite 201, Norwell, MA.


  • Contact: Giselle


2300 Crown Colony Drive, Suite 102, Quincy, MA.


  • Contact: Lee


10 New Driftway, Suite 301, Scituate, MA.