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Why Mass City?

- Innovative training based on the latest research, trends and standards worldwide

- Professional, experienced coaches dedicated to furthering their education through constant training and USSF Courses.

- Top class facilities and equipment necessary for players to develop

- Our exclusive Ascension program, designed to improve speed, agility, movement and injury prevention

- A fun, safe and friendly environment for everyone

Why Nichols?

Nichols College has created a state of the art training facility designed for the very best athletes. It boasts a brand new turf field, top class gym and training room, futsal courts, yoga rooms and high quality class rooms for off field sessions! 


For our older players (current U11+) we are offering an intense 5 day camp that looks to push players physically and mentally in preparation for the new season. In-depth tactical seminars and elite conditioning compliment the professional nutrition plan for the week and specific downtime activities. 

We will have separate training sessions for goalkeepers as well as integrated team training and tournaments. 

Please send any questions to


2004 - 2007 Players (5 day camp)


Non-Refundable Deposit of $250 with remaining balance to be paid by June 15th 2018


Payment plans are available. Please email 

Notes for Parents

In the coming months we will be sending out a complete Welcome Pack to all players who are registered. In the meantime, please see below for frequently asked questions:

What age range is the camp for?

We are offering spots to players U12-U15

Are roommate requests guaranteed?

We are unable to guarantee every request but we will do our very best.

Will there be chaperones?

Yes. On top of our coaching staff, we will have other assistants onsite. All staff members will be staying in the dorms as well as a medic.

How are ages and genders arranged in dorms?

We will be separating boys and girls and will be trying to keep each team close together.

Are Cell Phones allowed?

Yes. We understand that kids can't live without their technology! However, cell phone use will be limited to designated downtime throughout the day.

What happens if it rains all week?

Nichols College has excellent indoor facilities and we have worked hard to prepare contingency plans in the event of such occurrences. 


We will be providing in-depth details soon. If you have questions that need immediate responses, please email


To Register please click here and follow the registration instructions.